I keep listening to people say that its destiny which makes us meet THE ONE. Seriously! Out of 7 billion population, THE ONE happens to belong to same nationality, not to mention same caste. I think finding THE ONE is more or less like shopping. How? Read on

You decide you want to buy, well say summer dress. You decide you want it in a particular colour and have an idea as to how it should look. With these in mind, you go for shopping. After a while, say couple of hours you don’t seem to like anything to buy. Either the dress is out of budget or the dress looks good but doesn’t seem to fit you. Sometimes dress is good but you look ugly wearing it. The reasons are endless. After diligent search you finally find the dress. Maybe it’s little more different than you imagined but you look good in it. It makes you feel good. You are happy finally!

Finding THE ONE is pretty much the same like the above. You start with this image of perfect person in your mind. As time passes, you become wise and realize people are not perfect. Everyone is imperfect and screwed up. Maybe they are bit different than the picture you had in mind but nonetheless make you feel happy. All you need is someone who can make you happy and inspire you to be a better person.

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