I am deeply in love with my dog. I believe I am not the only one. Read on to find out if you also are one 🙂

  1. You can look into his eyes forever. It makes your heart flutter and you say Awww. IMG_20141214_214109362
  2. You have hundreds of photos of his and you cant decide which is cute.
  3. You hate when people say “How is your dog?”. You prefer they call him by his name. After all, you address them by their name and not as human or homo sapien.
  4. You have kissed him the most than anyone else on this planet.
  5. You feel guilty when you leave him back at home when going for vacation.
  6. When you see others with their pets, you miss him badly and wish he was beside you.
  7. When your friends talk about how awesome their boyfriend/girlfriend are, you talk about how awesome your dog <kindly-insert-name> is.
  8. You dread Diwali since it causes so much discomfort to your dog <kindly-insert-name>. Also, all those cricket matches where India wins.
  9. You celebrate its birthday just as your own. Bake a cake, get gifts and invite his friends over. What? They also have friends.Image
  10. This is perhaps the biggest and surest sign. When you have the below conversation with anybody (parents/boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/children)

Anybody: Whom do you love more? Me or your dog <kindly-insert-name>?

You: Pause (Look all awkward.)

Anybody: It’s your dog<kindly-insert-name>. Isn’t it?

You: Well. Long Pause. You see….

Anybody walks away.

If you smile after reading the above and do not have a dog. Well, it’s time you get one home 🙂


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