Date a guy who loves to cook

I was all bored when I came across  Date a girl who reads which made me smile. It got me all thinking and  below is the result.

This guy!!! 

We girls should date a guy who loves to cook.

Date a guy who cooks. Date a guy who would prepare a meal for you after a long day at work. Date this guy who feels there is nothing less manly in cooking for his girl. Date a guy who cooks as he doesn’t believe in stereotypes. Date this guy because there is nothing sexier when a man is comfortable in his own skin.

Find a guy who cooks. For he will take you to places which serve best food. You will expect to dine at high end restaurants but he will surprise you by taking you to local shops and narrow streets which will tantalize your taste buds. He will make you realize that food is an experience. If you are a food lover already, he will never bat an eye when you want to indulge in food as he understands the love for food.

This guy will appreciate every meal you cook for him. Even when you mess up with food, he will correct you and show you the right way to do it. He will never complain about less salt or more pepper as he understands the effort behind it. He will be touched when you bake a cake for him on his birthday. While others see the cake, he sees the long hours you spent in front of oven anticipating if the dough has baked properly. It will bring a smile on his face that you remembered his favourite flavour.

You can talk to him about all the times you screwed things up. He will understand as he knows good judgement comes from wrong decisions, just like cooking. He will never let you try all those crash diets which promises to lose pounds within a week. He will drag you and explain about the importance of healthy diet. He will help you in accepting your body the way it is.If you marry him, you will never have to worry about your children’s eating habits. He will make sure they adopt a healthy lifestyle.

If you find a guy whom you like and he cooks. Don’t let him go. Keep him.



2 responses to “Date a guy who loves to cook”

  1. apppa.. see so many reasons to date me 😛 anyways.. nice one 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s right! 😛


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