Stupendous Views of Gandikota

This place was on the list ever since we saw the stunning images on the views it offered.Finally on a quiet early morning we headed towards our destination. It was a pleasant change to have been greeted by clouds all the way. A smooth 5-6 hour drive alongside mountains and towering windmills bought us to Gandikota.It is a small village on the banks river Pennar and gets its name from “Gandi” meaning gorge.

Monsoons are here!

Once we replenished our hunger at the APTDC,we set out eagerly on foot in the blazing afternoon only to seek relief under stones and dipping feet in the kalyani. The cloudy morning almost seemed unreal.

Beating the heat….

The place showcases blend of both temples and fort. Appreciating the beauty of the architecture we scrambled over rocks to reach the gorge point.

Ranganatha swamy temple ruins
Pandemonium of parrots on top

No matter how many photos you see and innumerable blogs you read when you arrive you are just left short of words.Some places have the power to make you speechless. They silence with their sheer enormity and beauty. You’re rooted to the ground and gape in wonder.The Pennar river encompassed with colored boulders all over the place and the clouds hanging over the top presents an aesthetic painting by the nature.

Lost in awe!!

Unpredictably we decided to camp down the riverside before the sun set and started to trek down. We had no idea if there was any path but decided to explore.Finally we found a way but it was treacherous since it was full of sharp rocks and thorns and also we had our stylish flipflops on(Damn! The Quechua shoes were missed!!).It started to drizzle and  we quickened our pace to reach down soon. A friend yelled “Look at the sky!” and there was even prettier view of the gorge with a rainbow.

Lucky few to see this 😀

Half an hour later we found a spot to camp. The walls of the gorge is even more impressive from here. With hardly anyone around its peaceful and the only sound you hear is of chirping birds.

Luxury stay!


We spent most of evening sitting by the riverside and watching beautiful unknown birds fly across. Away from the city in a secluded gorgeous place with a bunch of friends was an ideal way to spend this weekend.

6 responses to “Stupendous Views of Gandikota”

  1. Great place. Great writing. Long way to go girl 🙂

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  2. Thank you 🙂 Glad you liked it


  3. Well written! :)..loved the pics as well ..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Shyamie!


  4. Hey Kavya,

    Well-written and nice pics. I did visit it last weekend with my biking friends but didn’t know we could go down to the gorge.
    Did you guys stay in the tent overnight? Is it safe?
    Am planning to go again in Feb-end so would love to know soon.



    1. Hi Jay,
      Sorry for the late reply. Glad you liked it. Yes we camped by the river side. It was safe enough and we did not encounter any trouble. There were 2 other groups camping nearby. Do try. You will love the sunrise time 🙂


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