THIMPHU:Let that shit go!

After our trek to the eye pleasing  Tiger’s Nest our next stop was to Bhutan’s capital Thimpu as inner permits are issued here to travel anywhere within the country apart from Paro and Thimpu. The initial plan was to skip Thimpu altogether but a localite insisted that we paid a visit to the majestic Buddha point.The 52 meters tall Buddha is visible from any and every corner of the city. We set out towards the Buddha point not wanting to say no to the host who had offered us the city tour.

The Buddha point is located at a height where it offers magnificent views of the Himalayan range and pleasing views of the city. I felt my lungs inflate with pure air and eyes treated with onrush of scenery – lush green mountains, flowing stream, trees, people and the calm serene Buddha.I thought – “This is what it means to be peaceful.”

Let that shit go!
That’s the view of country’s most populated city!

Few facts:

  • Thimpu, the country’s capital and the most populated city does not have any traffic lights. The entire traffic is regulated via the police.
  • You see very few independent houses ( mostly of officers of higher rank in the government/royal families/rich business men). All commoners stay in apartments.
  • There is no water supply from 10 am -5 pm.This is an initiative from the government to conserve their natural sources though there is no shortage.Conservation of nature and natural resources takes highest priority in the country.

2 responses to “THIMPHU:Let that shit go!”

  1. Beautiful pictures!! Amazed at their seriousness towards nature and resources.


    1. Thanks!Same here.Their love for nature is imbibed in the culture.


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