Srilanka’s picturesque train ride: Kandy to Ella

I love travelling in trains.I love the rhythm of the wheels. You get to eat the local delicious snacks,meet other travelers and locals.I have stood near the door, sometimes with  friends,sometimes alone,sometimes lost in the landscapes and sometimes gazing at the engulfing darkness.Each time it’s different high. Also,trains are not only affordable in Sri Lanka but also best way to explore the countryside in the limited time I had.

Kandy station

The train route from Kandy to Ella is touted to be one of the world’s scenic train journeys and how could I miss it! I stood on the railway platform of Kandy eagerly waiting to hop the train and explore the beautiful countryside of Sri Lanka.

The best time for ice cream is ALWAYS!!!

Once I safetly settled in my window seat (lucky me), I poked my head out the open window waiting for the spectacular views to begin. Now the train journey in Sri Lanka is nothing like the fast paced chaotic train journeys in India. Infact this route runs on a slower train and is perfect because you want to keep looking at the views. The train paved its way rhythmically through the city.

Slow train ride
Ever seen an empty platform like this in India!

As the city left behind us,slowly the hillside views of Sri Lanks started to appear. I stretched my arms and head a bit more to capture the alluring views in front of me. From jungle to forest, small little waterstreams and plantations kept appearing and disappearing catching me off guard. Each scenary was as beautiful as the previous one.


Such greenary!


Sigh!!! I can look at such views whole day long

The train took me through the pretty little villages.Infact sometimes it passed close enough through the farms/plantations where you see women working and humming the local tunes. People especially the kids wave enthusiastically to the tourists and you will hear them even before you seen them.

Sing along! Work along!
Small pretty villages 😀


Busy day at work!

The train journey takes usually 6 hours but it took more than 7 hours to reach Ella (I’m not complaning at all). At times I was trying to capture what my eyes saw but mostly I sat near the door gazing at the views and just being in the moment.Being on a slow train enjoying such picturesque scenary- fresh air, mountains,trees and people, I thought this is was what I would say as a perfect day.

Spotted my dream house ❤


  • Though the distance covered is less you will need one whole day as it is a slow train ride. Ideally lasts for 6 hours but it took me close to 7-8 hours.
  • It’s better to book the tickets prior as this route is a popular attraction and tickets get sold fast. I did not want to miss it and reserved it prior. For online booking –Reserve Sri Lankan train tickets
  • Go for either 2nd class or 3rd class seats. Air conditioned seats would mean you can’t poke your head out or get good clicks! I opted for 2nd class as it is less crowded and has good comfortable seats.Also, it’s pretty much empty near the doors 🙂
  • Pack your own food if you can’t handle the spicy snacks.





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  1. Gorgeous post. Thank You.

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    1. Thanks 🙂


    1. Thanks Amma 😀


  2. I deliberately skipped this place as I had to cover other parts of the country. May be next time 🙂


    1. The train rides are slow and lengthy but enjoyable… Good way to explore

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