Didupe & Eramai Falls


The time when rivers get new lease to life and flow to their fullest.

The time when forests seem to dance under the thundering storms.

The time when treks are about sweet earthy smell,tiny droplets on to leaves, ever-changing hues of the mountain and wind in the air.

It is also the time when my mad+adventurous duo started out their venture Madventures with the maiden Kudremukh trek and it makes me pleased to say that they have come a long way 🙂

I had heard enough on the scenic beauty of this unexplored falls from them and I joined over the long weekend to explore this hidden beauty. After a tiring bus journey we found ourselves in a simple traditional house of our warm and friendly hosts. Hot idlis, kashaya (local drink) and conversations geared us up for the adventurous day ahead.

The route starts with an easy walk through the roads which connects to the forest. There are numerous small and medium-sized streams which needs to be crossed and they make the trek enjoyable.An hour of walk through the forest and streams bought us to the pristine and untouched Didupe Falls.

Most of the weekend getaways from Bangalore get crowded and touristy over long weekends. So imagine my joy when I found this beautiful waterfall in all its glory in the middle of nowhere all for ourselves.


Untouched Didupe falls
Time to pose

Happily drenched we set out to the lush green paddy fields where the stage (mud field) was set for mud games. The mud games like tug-of-war, folk dance, running, football and games are part of traditional culture here.These activities are safe and fun. No need to worry about getting hurt.Hunger was partly forgotten and much of the afternoon was involved by taking part in a private version of the cultural games.

Getting started 😛

Simple authentic rural Malnad  lunch followed after what one would call an exciting day. The delicious meal coupled with warm conversations with our hosts made us all happy. I love how travel brings people from different backgrounds together. It makes one realize that despite where we come from we are all the same underneath. Rest of the evening was spent relaxing and conversing with our hosts on the village life.

All of us set out for yet another beautiful falls the next morning. An easy walk through the woods lead us to a pristine and untouched Eramai falls. Surrounded by rocks with beautiful pink little flowers, this falls is scenic. Eramai falls has nine small waterfalls in steps and we explored two.

Beautiful Eramai falls
New friends made. Old friendships cherished 🙂

As crazy as my mad+adventurous duo are, they love living the way locals live and care to support the locals in keeping the traditions and culture alive. Giving an opportunity to the local artists to showcase their art is a humble attempt from Madventures to support locals of their livelihood and keep our traditions alive.

Yakshagana is a traditional theatre form that combines dance, music, dialogue, costume, make-up, and stage techniques with a unique style and form. This theatre style is mainly found in Tulunadu and some parts of Malenadu region of Karnataka and Kerala,India.

I have gone to a few cultural events but was never impacted mainly because I saw it from a distance with loud speakers and too many people around. But seeing the passion of the artists and the effort that goes into this art, they gained a lot of respect and  appreciation from all us.

This blog is incomplete without the mention of our warm hosts and my mad+adventurous duo without whom the trek would not be exciting or comfortable.If you’re wondering where and how to trek,click the link below to like the page and keep yourself updated on the upcoming treks.

So many simple yet profound lessons learnt from our oldest yet fittest host
Pranav 20170902_131623
My boys ❤

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Photo Credits – Madventures.

8 responses to “Didupe & Eramai Falls”

  1. Looks like lots of fun

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    1. Yes it was 🙂

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  2. Good one Kavya.. Made me recollect those two wonderful days.. 😊


    1. Thanks Anil. Nice pose 🙂


  3. Incredible.I loved the waterfall pictures and the cultural activities. 😊

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    1. I’m glad you liked it. Thanks so much 🙂


  4. What a delightful experience you guys had!! So much fun so many beautiful memories made ☺️☺️

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    1. It’s a beautiful lesser known falls 😊


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