Beautiful Ruins: Lesser known temples of Cambodia

“Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.” – Asian Proverb

The magnificent ancient temples of Cambodia leaves you in wonder and amazement of rich Khmer Empire. Cambodia is more than visiting Angkor Wat or watching the sunrise. The complex contains more than 1000 temples and we managed to cover a few temples other than the famous three. If you are planning the itineary and are confused which one to pick read the below list of lesser know nonetheless beautiful temples.

  • Prasant Kravan

One of the smaller temples in Angkor Wat complex,Prasant Kravan was built-in 10th century .This reddish temple is simple yet beautiful and the afternoon hours brings out the color which makes the whole view prettier 🙂 .The brickwork and carvings from that era makes me feel – Are we really advanced now?

Built in 921 AD
  • Phnom Bakheng

A small hike takes you up the mountain temple,Phnom Bakheng provides ariel view of sunset over Angkor Wat. Despite being not able to see the sunset the views of Angkor Wat and the beautiful ruins left us mesmerized.

Beautiful ruins
The hilltop has towers all around
Temple ruins
  • Baphuon

Baphuon is a three-tiered temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located in Angkor Thom. Most folks who visit Bayon return without seeing other temples within Angkor Thom. and so this temple has only handful tourists. Baphuon has the most grandeur entrances I have ever seen and the views is worth the steep climb up the top floors. When you leave,look back and you might be able to make out the rough shape of a reclining Buddha.The reclining Buddha was never finished but it’s still impressive.The temple has had lot of restoration but this does not distract its beauty at all.

Entrance ❤
The symmetry!
Gorgeous views from the top floor
Reclining Buddha
  • Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean is archaeological site and is my favorite one among all the temples I saw. The place is filled with greenery with  1000 Lingas and carvings in the river bed is amazing.It is a little far from main temple complex but the beautiful hike in the woods, discovering mini waterfalls and carvings on rocks which has lasted for about 1000 years makes this place a to do on the list.

1000 Lingas on the riverbed
  • Nean Poan 

Nean Poan is a tiny temple which is surrounded by artificial man-made pond. This is one place where I loved the surroundings more than temple and I forgot to click the temple (Oops!). The central pond is a replica of Lake Anavatapta in the Himalayas and this place is believed to have healing powers.

Walk to the temple ❤
The artificial lake which surrounds the temple area
  • Banteay Srei

The pink sandstone temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a bit far from the main complex and is worth a visit. The carvings are intricate and beautiful not to mention the pinkness adds to the beauty on the whole.This temple gets really busy and loads of tourists start to arrive after 09:00 AM.I would recommend coming early morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds.We arrived early morning and there was almost nobody else.

Entrance of Banteay Srei
Intricate carvings
  • Banteay Kdei

Banteay Kdei meaning “Citadel of Chambers” has a serene and a quiet vibe to it. The towers and chambers are huge and lovely. The temple has a lot of restoration work in progress and I felt grateful to visit this place since it seems like the temple is in its last days.

Huge windows
Detailing ❤
Lord Shiva
Lot of restoration work
  • Ta Som

Ta Som is lesser known simple temple from 12th century and has miniature of Ta Phrom roots and is less crowded.

Temple entrance

Lastly, Cambodia is not just the breathtaking Angkor Wat but there are many more beautiful hidden gems. Make sure you explore the lesser known beautiful temples.


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