Favorite places:Singapore

I am not a fan of visiting skyscrapers but Singapore is impressive and had me drooling with its brilliant architecture. I choose to visit this place as a stopover on my way back home and had limited time. Also with storm that had hit the country, I was forced to be choosy about the places I wanted to visit. Below are my favorite places in the country and I hope to tick off other places in my next visit 🙂

  • EXPLORE THE CITY IN THE NIGHT: Anyone would agree that Singapore looks best in the night. The spectacular lit buildings along with dazzling Christmas lights makes one feel merry and happy. After a day long sleep marathon me and my friend set out to musical evening at Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by Bay. The light shows at both places is breathtaking and you can feel the calmness even with thousands of people around. The Strolling down the boardwalk by the Marina with stellar lights leaves you in awe of the city.
    My photo shy friend 😛
    Gardens by Bay

    Marina Bay Sands
  • ARTSCIENCE MUSEUM: I wasn’t sure about my decision to visit this place but I am glad I went here despite the tickets being little expensive. ArtScience museum is a mix of art and science using cutting edge technologies. You need not be a geek to enjoy this place. The light effects and interactive walls/games are a lot of fun. The main attraction is the crystal universe which will make one go WOAH!
Where art and science come together
Beautiful waterfall artwork
  • HAJI LANES: Not known to  many tourists and locals Haji Lanes are a charming place to relax. Tiny narrow lanes with colorful houses and uber chic shops with huge graffiti art, Haji lanes are wonderful mix between traditional,vintage and modern. After two weeks of backpacking, sipping cocktails and eating middle eastern food easily makes this place my favorite hangout spot in the city.
Colorful narrow lanes
Beautiful wall arts ❤
I can sit here all day long and not be bored
Look at those cute houses!


  1. Lesson learnt hard – Singapore is not for backpackers nor a budget friendly country. Hostels aren’t a good choice for stay as many are dingy and lack hygiene. Airbnb is a good option when in a group.
  2. Ditch the taxis and use the metro. Its hassle free,easy to use and quick.
  3. Explore the airport.Singapore airport is easily the best airport I have been to. I had almost 5 hours at the airport and the amenities are simply superb.If you in Singapore for a day then sign up for free day tours at the airport.


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  1. True, Singapore does burn a hole in pocket but worth going at least once in life.. lovely pictures ✌️

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  2. Thanks Pooja 🙂


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