Mesmerizing Bhutan: In photos

Land of dramatic landscapes.

Apart from being known as ‘Land of happiness’, the above line holds true for Bhutan. It has been two years since the visit to Bhutan and I have not seen any other place which offers these many stunning views at every turn. How wonderful! Himalayas <3. Without much delay, here is a glimpse of pristine and bewitching views captured along the journey!

Traditional homes by the river side and overlooking the mountains pretty much sums up the views outside the windows here!
It was time for monsoons to arrive when we departed Bhutan and  we encountered these lush rice fields everywhere.
As the locals say, Guru Rinpoche flew to this place on a tigress and meditated here.The ‘famous’ Paro Tatsang is bewitching making you gape the whole time and the surroundings are immensely peaceful.
The Paro airport is one of the challenging as it is situated deep in the valley and surrounded by steep peaks.The take off / landing can be quiet dangerous. and only eight pilots are licensed to land here.
After my share of travel, I find Buddhism really simple.The religion is inclined more towards spirituality than the cosmetic aspects. Its people are simple and calm natured.
You see prayer flags outside homes, on bridges, high up on mountain tops and near monasteries. These flags are placed at such places so that wind can carry the positive vibes and spread happiness everywhere.
OK.I don’t need to tell how pleasing these views are! Tell me who wants to live here? 😉
“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.” – George R.R Martin.
So, when are you visting? 😀





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  1. beautiful photos. One day I shall go there:)

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