Bon Appetit: Vietnam/Cambodia

Pub Street in Cambodia

I knew I would be wonderstuck by Angkor Wat.

I knew I would love the cruise over the Halong Bay.

But I never thought Vietnamese/Khmer cuisine would end up being my favorite ❀

I had even read on the food but never really thought I would end up loving what I tried on the streets of Vietnam/Cambodia. From the Pub Street in Cambodia to Beer Street and narrow alleys of Hanoi below are my absolute favorites which I relished during my travel.

  • Salads: I do not like salads but still took a chance since I wanted to taste everything I could. A quick search bought Khmer Kitchen on top of our list and we gave it a try. I ordered the below delicious looking Mango Salad and I wasn’t disappointed. I went back and tried out some more salads during my stay and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Best Salad ever!
  • Soup bowls: I think people in Vietnam and Cambodia love rice.They eat rice in various forms (pancakes, rice noodles etc) and almost all dishes are accompanied by rice. Soups are my goto dish and imagine my surprise when it was accompanied by bowl of rice. I have always eaten soup as a starter but here the big bowl of soup with lots of veggies is served along with rice which will make your tummy happy and full πŸ˜€
Delicious and filling soup bowls
  • Pho: For someone who loves noodles, this place is heaven! A typical pho consists of vegetable broth, the healthy and light rice noodles,few herbs and meat (for vegetarians,meat is replaced with veggies). You get the similar dish in Cambodia and I suppose it is called by a different name but nonetheless this dish is super healthy and light on the stomach.
Noodles all day!!!
Look at those veggies!!!
  • Coffee and Spring rolls: I love coffee time here <3.People really love their coffee and they like it strong and also are particular on how they like to have it. Cute small tables and chairs by the roadside with pretty crockery laid out sets a perfect ambiance for coffee time! Veg Spring rolls were easily my favorite snack along with coffee. They are light on the stomach as heavy meals can make you sleepy when you have afternoon plans.Also,if there is anything you should buy in Vietnam then it’s coffee. You will find strong and flavored coffee in the little coffee shops at Hanoi Old Quarters. Once you decide on the type they grind the beans(Yes! It’s all fresh)and pack you some to take home.
Fried Spring Rolls
Coffee anyone? πŸ˜‰
  • Ice Creams: With multiple ice cream trucks down the street, you would be tempted to try it at least once and then not stop at one. The ice cream taste great and come in different flavors coupled with variety of syrups,fresh fruits and yummy toppings. This $3 bowl of happiness was my daily dessert throughout the trip.


  • Beer and Pizza: I saved the best for the last :D.The night is dark and street is full of bars – would be an apt description for both Pub Street in Cambodia and Beer Street in Vietnam. The whole street is lively and full of activities in the night.With beer as cheap as 50 cents and great cheese pizzas (or happy pizzas if you’re in mood) you see happy faces around.
Its beer o’clock at Ta Hien Street(Beer Street) always


Narrow alleys filled with bars and restaurants

I hope this helps if you are planning to visit these countries. If you have already visited these places, do let me know on your favorite dishes πŸ™‚




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  1. Oh my – this looks great! Thank you for the lovely post πŸ™‚ We are going there this fall, and I could not be more excited!


    1. So glad you liked and found it useful! Happy travels πŸ™‚ I’m sure you will love both places

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