Misty Afternoon at Jog Falls

I love monsoons ❤

The waterfalls look gorgeous and the surrounding looks like a fresh coat of green has been painted.I managed to chase few of the stunning waterfalls in Karnataka this monsoon and I was thrilled when the plans finally fell in place to visit Jog Falls in monsoons.

It was raining hard the whole week and it was drizzling when we arrived at Jog Falls in the late afternoon. The thin layer of mist that had covered the entire view started clearing up slowly for the audience that had arrived.

View at 3.30 pm

Rain gods were kind enough and the mist cleared completely and presented this picturesque view. It’s a delightful sight to see milky white falls plunge down from an enormous height amidst lush greenery making the falls grandeur.

IMG_20180813_160303976_HDR-01_wm Descending from 253 meters
I decided to hike all the way down to the bottom of the waterfalls. The stairs have roughly around 1400 steps and is quite a task. However it is rewarding as the glimpses of the majestic Jog Falls from various viewpoints is simply mesmerizing.

Stairway to heavenly views!

The steps are in good condition and climbing down is easier. I thought I had seen the best view of the falls from the viewpoint at the top but as I climbed down,the Jog Falls totally had me hooked with its gorgeous views.The surrounding greenery,streams sand huge boulders only seem to add to its beauty.

Watte beauty ❤


I leisurely hiked down taking breaks in the middle enjoying the scenic views and capturing them.There are perks when you visit waterfalls in monsoons.One is that the river swells up and you see the waterfall in its glory. Secondly, it is hardly crowded and you get the place for yourself. The roaring sounds and excited screams welcomed me at the bottom.

Simply Woah ❤

I knew I was visiting the second highest plunge waterfall in the country and the realization hit me when I stood right under it and whispered,-” God! This is HUGE!!!”. Standing right under the falls I realized the how huge the falls is! The sound of rushing torrents seemed to echo –” I am the mighty Jog falls”.

Namma Jog 🙂

One of the downhill of visiting places in monsoon is that it can rain anytime and all the time. It started to drizzle and I forced myself to hike all the way to the top. In a matter of few minutes it started to pour and the strong winds started to blow.Climbing up is quite a struggle and I had no option but to take breaks in the middle of pouring rain especially without water bottle nor snacks! The mist started to slowly cover up the falls as I looked back and I could see the Jog Falls still descending majestically. It seem to tell,

Have you ever seen a waterfall?

I mean have you seen a waterfall than merely looking at it?

Do you see how I burst cutting the rocks and making my path even when there are none. Do you see how fearlessly I fall from great heights and leave everyone mesmerized. Do you see how I am an odd man out among-st the lush greenery and pretty flowers and yet people flock to admire my beauty?! Now tell me, do you see me and think🤔

What is stopping me from chasing my dreams?
Why am I trying to fit in society instead of living my life?

Wild yet beautiful ❤


  • Jog Falls, Gerosoppa Falls or Joga Falls is the second highest plunge waterfall in India located in Sagara taluk of Karnataka.There are frequent buses from Sagara.
  • The best time to visit is peak monsoon.Keep a day for this place as sometimes the entire view gets covered up with mist due to rains.But the views are worth waiting for!
  • The gates are open until 4.00PM.The hike down takes about half an hr and the climbing up is daunting to the knees.It took about 40 mins to climb up. Carry umbrella/raincoat,water bottles and snacks.
  • DON’T LITTER. I saw many plastic,bottles,food and wrappers thrown around.Leave the place pristine and clean just like how you found it.


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