Fairy tale village of Austria: Hallstatt

Hallstatt is one place which constantly reminds you of the word ‘postcard perfect’ the minute you see it. I knew Hallstatt from Instagram and wondered if the place would live up to the expectations. But as I sat on the ferry watching this tiny village, I must say beautiful is an under statement when it comes to Hallstatt.The surrounding alps are breathtaking and this place instantly reminded me of fairy tale villages I saw in movies and read about in books while growing up.

Isn’t it postcard perfect?

The town of Hallstatt is small but picturesque and looks straight out of the fairy tale novel. The quaint old-fashioned church down the lane adds to town’s charm.Swans swimming by the lake and houses with beautiful gardens and cutest decor, Hallstatt paints a beautiful picture.

Didn’t we read these houses in books?

There isn’t much to do in the town of Hallstatt but to relax.You can take a casual stroll along the narrow lanes and capture the prettiness as every corner is colorful or sit by lake with friends and while all day long.One can also walk up to the sky walk for gorgeous views.Either way this is a good place to unwind.

Pretty bakeries!
Sigh!Views from the sky walk got me weak in the knees ❤
Can’t get enough of these views ❤

Hallstatt is quiet popular with tourists due to the scenic views it offers and is recognized as a ‘World Heritage UNESCO site’ and as a result you will find a lot of tourists.If you are like me and want to avoid crowds then plan you travel around mid-late September. It is not a peak season and weather is still pleasant. Reach Hallstatt early morning and enjoy the town to yourself! Also, Hallstatt is magical in all seasons!

Can stare at this view whole day ❤


  • First and foremost Hallstatt is very popular among st tourists.The locals have had their share of bad behavior and unwanted intrusion into their homes with cameras. So be respectful and refrain from clicking photos if you see a sign.
  • Hallstatt is the home to the oldest salt mines which are still active. The 1.5 hr underground salt mine tour is interesting and has a lot to offer.Also, the miner slides are lot fun as well.


  • Getting to Hallstatt from Salzburg: It is about an hr and a half journey from Salzburg and the quickest way to reach would be to take a bus #150 from Marienplatz to Bad Ischl. Once in Bad Ischl take a train to Hallstatt,then a ferry to this pretty town.

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