Kutch nahi dekha kuch nahi dekha

Every time I made plans to visit Rann of Kutch,the plan always fell apart. ALWAYS mind you.So when I found myself on the flight to Gujarat, I was euphoric to finally view this salty beauty!

It’s a known fact that Gujarat is foodies’ heaven.After relishing on some lip smacking  food,we set out on a road trip to Kutch. It was 8 hour-long drive to Kutch. We reached around late afternoon only to be told that Rann of Kutch was closed for public visiting that day  as the President of India was visiting. All of us were disappointed and I felt a shred of  guilt as I believed the place was jinxed for me and everything was conspiring to stop me from going! We decided to make most of it and headed to Kalo Dungar and spend rest of the evening there.

Plate full of happiness 🙂

Kalo Dungar aka Black Hills is the place from where the massive white desert and sky merge.My mood was lifted instantly as I stood on the edge and saw the glorious panoramic views of Rann of Kutch from this hilltop.

Kalo Dungar views ❤

We spent the entire evening staring the sky and capturing the different hues that played out in the sky.From this highest point when the sun sets, the hues spread across the white desert and the reflections are surreal to watch. In hindsight, I honestly loved this viewpoint more than Rann of Kutch!!!

Look at that glorious hues across the sky ❤

It was a long day and realization stuck when the rumbling sounds from stomach could not be ignored any longer. The hunger made us walk  up to the food stalls and oh boy! Look watte view it gave us! The day’s disappointment of not seeing Rann of Kutch was rewarded with some splendid sunsets at Kalo Dungar.Sunsets make everything better on a trip!

Magic hour

We were told that Rann would be opened for viewing the next day and we happily drifted to sleep. But the excitement was short-lived the next morning when one of our friends sprained her ankle and we rushed to the nearest hospital in Bhuj. I was convinced by now that the place was jinxed for me and resigned the idea of seeing Rann of Kutch despite being only few miles away!

What followed in next few hours was total chaos! Once it was confirmed that everything was fine with our friend, we rushed towards the desert and raced past the tents of Rann Utsav hoping we would get enough time to explore!

The happiness of breaking the jinx 😀

The formation of salt desert is interesting. The waters of Gulf of Kutch flow into the desert when the monsoon arrives, making Rann of Kutch look like a massive sea. As the monsoon ends,the water starts evaporating leaving behind thick layers of salt and thus the White Rann of Kutch becomes alive!

Travel far away, you will find yourself

As we walked away from hustle bustle of the crowd and surrounding madness absorbing the geography, all I could hear was the crackle of the salt underneath my shoes and endless miles of salt stretched ahead of me. The White Rann has many moods through out the day and I caught her during the golden hour!

Endless miles of salt

The sun was about to set and we sat watching it turn from golden-yellow to blazing ball of hot red. The sunset at a desert is different.It is stripped of mountains or greenery or snow and is completely unornamented. It is a plain sunset and that is what makes is unique and beautiful.The stillness of the salt desert, the golden glow around and the hot fiery ball with no one around makes you feel the whole thing is orchestrated  ONLY  FOR YOU. I hope to come back once more and enjoy this place at my own leisure ❤

I can never be bored of sunsets ❤


  • I visited Rann of Kutch during Rann Utsav. I did not spend much time at the Utsav area but it seemed overrated. The maddening crowd can spoil the whole experience. Plan to visit before/after the festival.
  • Rann of Kutch is quite far and it is better to rent a car. Places like Kalo Dungar has limited access. Arranging your own transport would make it hassle free. If you plan to commute by public transport then bump up the one/two days in you itinerary.

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