Afternoon musings at Kalapathar Beach

I am not a beach person.I don’t know what to do at a beach. I can’t swim and feel restless sitting on a beach. I constantly worry about being bitten by something poisonous and legit imagine being hit by tsunami every time I visit beaches.In short it ain’t ‘beach therapy’ for me. But mothers have a knack of making us say YES and I am glad I listened because Andaman has some of pristine and beautiful beaches I have ever visited! The blues are enough to get rid of all the blues you feel and turn you into water baby.

We rode among-st the dense forest with breeze in our faces on a sunny afternoon along the beautiful coast. Kalapathar beach aka rocky beach with is a stunning one with clear aqua colors stretched until the sky meets the water ❤

50 shades of blue
I like his office space.So cool and very blue

The beach stretches across miles and apart from main beach area the entire stretch is free of crowds.We trailed away from the main area and felt like we had our own private beach.Sunrise at Kalapathar is said to be gorgeous but we couldn’t make it. If you are planning to visit here, raise early and go for sunrise. If not, drive to this beach anytime during the day, pick your favorite spot and relax! It leaves you speechless either way.The waters are crystal clear and you can see through them.

Those blues!
The lone tree of Andaman 😛

Kalapathar shores is adorned by pretty shells and corals.I sat on the white sands glimpsing into the life of seashells and corals with awe.While walking on the shore one can instantly have an urge to pick few shells or corals and take back as souvenir but you should realize these shells are homes to various sea creatures and without them they die. Please do not consider picking shells and corals from the beach as these serve an important part in ecosystem. It is also against law in Andaman and you can be caught at the airport.

Look at all the prettiness!
Hold it. Appreciate it.Keep it back

I sat by the shores listening the calm soothing sound of waves looking at mom and thinking, ‘I have never seen her carefree or relaxed.EVER.’ We often urge young girls to go travel but forget about the generation behind us where most of them never got the freedom to travel or do things on their own.

I wanted her to experience travel and see why I like it so much and I am glad she enjoyed it 🙂 We had no fixed plan. Mom woke up when she wanted and we would laze around the resort on some days.On evenings we would chase sunsets and play by the beach.I hired a two wheeler and we explored places on our own.She even tried her hand at scuba diving!!! The islands are a favorite among honeymooners and at one point we even imitated couples poses😂 and rolled our eyes at overdose of PDA. I was little hesitant if we would have good time together but she is fun to travel.I am so happy that I planned the first trip of 2019 with my mom

Mommie dearest

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