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Looking back, I don’t think I researched or read through so many guides  for any of my travels as much as I did when planning for my first big Europe travel. On the whole I did good and the trip was fun but argh! mistakes invariably happen on a travel. I feel it’s almost impossible to plan a travel without any minor roadblocks especially if you’re navigating between countries. I am listing down my rookie mistakes on my Europe travel and hope it helps you if you are planning one.

1. DO NOT OVERDO WITH YOUR ITINERARY: It is tempting not to squeeze in countries once you start planning your Europe trip.While I did not cover 10 countries in 3 weeks, I still felt four countries was quite a lot to fit in for three weeks.While we had super fun at Oktoberfest in Germany, enjoyed the European summer in Croatia, loved the city vibes of Amsterdam, enjoyed Belgium beer in Brussels and mountain views of Austria, I left each country wishing I had stopped and leisurely explored the beauty of one place. Also, many countries mean lot of time on road, constant check ins/checkouts, packing/unpacking adding to stress  factor on the road. Take my word for this. Avoid the temptation and visit one country or two at the max. Your trip experience will be better.

Oktoberfest in Germany

2. BEWARE OF PARIS PICKPOCKETS! : Almost every guide out there will tell you on growing problem of pick pocketing in Paris.Despite being in Paris only for couple of hours, my friend lost her phone which dampened our holiday spirits( for a while!).There is no solution here but to be extremely cautious while traveling in public transport or while visiting touristy spots.

Paris Metro

3.VISITING ONLY THE CITIES: Don’t get me wrong. I like the European cities. I mean who doesn’t love sitting in cafe soaking in the morning sun or walking down the cobbled streets! But after seeing a bit of countryside, the real charm of Europe lies in those villages. I had irresistible urge to stop the train and walk by all those villages as the stunning landscapes ran past me by the window (Sigh!). If you are someone like me who loves nature or mountains, make sure to add more national parks or villages to the itinerary. The landscapes of Europe are breathtaking ❤

Stunning waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park,Croatia

4. ACCOMMODATION: Airbnb is great way to meet locals and gather some unforgettable stay experiences during travel. While our stay was mostly good and even memorable at some places, we missed on little things like if toiletries are provided or the fact the apartment was on fourth floor without an elevator. Make sure you spend some time reading through your bookings.

Our balcony at Salzburg

5. INDIAN FOOD CRAVINGS: Expect huge cravings for Indian food after a week of cheese,beer and pizza.If you think you can walk into one of the many Indian restaurants and order a thali to satisfy the cravings, you are so wrong! We spent almost 100 euros on a meal and we ended up unsatisfied.The Indian food abroad is vastly different in taste and it absolutely not worth to spend money on Indian food. Pack some spices or ready to eat so you use them when you miss home food.

It’s always beer o’clock on a trip!

6. SPEND MORE TIME IN AMSTERDAM: Almost everyone I know plans to visit Amsterdam at some point during their Europe trip.Amsterdam wasn’t a must see for me when we planned for Europe but once I reached Amsterdam, I was quick to fall in love with it in mere 3 days. The city of Amsterdam is lovely and the countryside is even lovelier. I loved the open culture the city offers and there are so many things to do/see.Also,if you are someone who loves to drink or wants to try out Amsterdam things (ahem ahem!) then it’s guaranteed you will spend 2 days being high or with an hangover. Keep aside at least 5 days for Amsterdam.

Zaanse Schans

Do you have any travel mistakes you made in Europe? If so,share them below 🙂

3 responses to “EUROPE: MISTAKES I MADE”

  1. On a recent trip, I spent a lot of time in small towns and skipped many popular tourist attractions doing things differently. I did a cycling tour in countryside of Holland, travelled by every mode of transport to get the true vibe of the place. Thanks for sharing your experience


    1. On point! Most of them tourist spots are crowded to enjoy them. Next time I’m gonna skip all the major attractions


      1. I pick and choose among the popular ones based on my interest. 😊

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