Is Oktoberfest worth the hype?

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit
Der Gemütlichkeit
Ein Prosit, ein Prosit
Der Gemütlichkeit

I was a huge ball of excitement when I knew I was going to Oktoberfest.I mean what’s not to get thrilled about drinking at ‘world largest beer’ festival!!! As much as I was looking forward to this, the thought of Oktoberfest being ‘touristy’ was constantly on my mind. I read several blogs and even few folks suggesting to consider lesser touristy options like beer festivals held at Stuttgart or at smaller ones at Austria. Over the years of travel with multiple instances, of 600 people waiting to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat or how weekend getaways near my city have lost their charm due to mass crowds,I have unconsciously grown less inclined towards ‘touristy’ destinations and ‘touristy’ to-do’s. On our Europe trip,I realized visiting Eiffel tower isn’t the most interesting thing in Paris. Especially over limited time.I thought Eiffel tower looked beautiful but the place was over crowded and everyone trying to sell you things just spoilt my ‘aha’ Paris moment.My skepticism increased more so after visiting this iconic monument and continued to be so up until the day of Oktoberfest.

Have you ever visited a famous place and gone ‘Meh?!”

It was a brewtiful day as we stepped inside the gates and the whole place looked like huge carnival. Lot of rides,loud cheerful screams,food stalls and families strolling by. A colorful noisy carnival but only bigger. You will see almost everyone dressed in traditional bavarian attire,dirndls for girls and lederhosen for boys.

Oktoberfest baby!!

The choice of choosing beer tents at Oktoberfest isn’t easy! I mean 14 beer tents and reading reviews on each will only add to your confusion! All of them are awesome! We finally made a choice to go with Schottenhamel hall as it is the oldest and one of the biggest beer halls. As I entered it registered to me that I have never seen so many people doing one thing, drinking beer.I mean drinking lots of beer.For someone who doesn’t like crowds it was a surprise that I was immediately at ease and gleeful seeing so many people (a rarity peeps!).Huge beer halls with bands playing traditional music and people cheering and dancing around.It looked like one big happy party to me!!!

Was it crowded?


Was it fun?

Hell yeah!!!

The whole atmosphere is of fun and playfulness and its infectious.Whenever the song, ‘Ein Prosit’ is played at Oktoberfest,one is obliged to stand up with your beer mug, hum to the tune, toast with everyone at the table and chug.Despite large crowd everyone was friendly,civil and in a mood for merry time.The song loosely translates to good times and that’s what Oktoberfest is really all about.

I realize why some places and to-do’s are popular and must do. It is most likely they’re historic, helps one experience the culture when they have limited time in hand, or just are plain fun.Looking back,Oktoberfest was easily one of the best highlights of my Europe travel and having learnt it the good way, with lots of beer 😛 I’m gonna say it: One should definitely *try* touristy things. It’s OK sometimes.



2 responses to “Is Oktoberfest worth the hype?”

  1. Phew… I was worried there for a second. Like you I originally feared it would be an overblown commercial nightmare. Well it is, but I have loved every minute of it 😂😂🍻🍻

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    1. That’s what even I expected but loved the whole atmosphere 🍻


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