Unbusy living

Now is the time.
To sleep for ten hours.
And wake up lazily.
To sip the morning chai.
And enjoy without a worry.
To cook all those recipes you bookmarked.
And never found time for.
To pick that fat book.
And read without hurry.
To re-watch your favorite movies
And linger in sweet old nostalgia.
To pick the old brush.
And paint the picture you always liked.
To put on some music.
And dance like there is no tomorrow.
Or to just lie down.
And stare into space.
Do nothing.
Once world returns to normal.
We will be busier.
For we have,
Trips to plan.
Flights to catch.
Places to see.
Friends to meet.
Parties to attend.
Goals to chase.
And economies to fix.
So my dear,
Now is the time,
To take it slow.
And enjoy while doing so :=)

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