Romanticize Life

Long ago.
On a random day.
And on a random trail.
I met an old man.
Sitting on the mountain edge.
Taking slow drags off the cigarette.
Enjoying the monsoon mist.
Casually mentioning,
He comes to mountains everyday.
Ever get bored?
I asked, curiously.
The old man smiled.
And then spoke looking into my eyes.
My child,
You gotta believe.
Doing dishes everyday is cute.
You gotta believe.
Your everyday commute is fun.
You gotta believe.
Every cup of chai is the best you have had.
And enjoy it.
You gotta start romanticizing life.
By finding joy and beauty.
In mundane things.
By believing everyday things
Can be exciting and new.
And when that happens.
You will hum.
In mountains.
Or on the way to work.
Caring less.
Taking it all in.
And truly start living in the moment.

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