Hola fellow travelers!

I am Kavya and I have lived all my life in garden city turned IT hub, Bangalore.I am a full-time engineer who discovered wanderlust in my mid 20s and have since then juggled with a laptop bag and a backpack!

Many ask me ‘Why not quit to travel?’ and here’s the thing.I love the familiar comfort of having a home and being with my family and friends I have grown up with.As much as I love mountains and exploring new places, I enjoy the fast paced city life filled with chaos.I like the routine of my job and the thrill travel brings equally. It is safe to say that my job and living in the city makes city-bred-me content and the frequent travels makes the explorer-me happy 🙂

This blog started out initially to share my travel experiences and during this journey I have discovered my fondness for writing and photography!

I love interacting with fellow travelers and listening to their travel stories. Feel free to drop a message and don’t hesitate to talk!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy going through my posts, as much as I enjoy writing them. 🙂

Good Day!