Scotland of India: Uddappana Motte trek

2016 kick started with a trek and as the year progressed, it became more of travel and less of mountains. Also after being forced to rest for months, I was elevated when I found myself at Coorg not only back on my feet but ready to trek. It was even more wonderful as I was with friends who share the same excitement for the mountains.The sun was up,bright and shining when we started towards the mountains.


Bright and shining!

The trek route starts with a short walk followed by an ascent which lasts for about an hour and half. Though sunny the initial phase was enjoyable and relaxing mainly because of greenery around.


We stopped for our first break and I looked up at the towering trees. I don’t quite remember seeing such huge towering trees in western ghats. Not so many together!

Advice from a tree: Stand Tall and Proud 😉

We resumed our trek and passed through numerous small water streams around curves and bends. The path is effortless and pleasant since the towering trees dominate most part of the trail. An hour later, we found ourselves at a pretty home stay among-st the forests.

In the middle of nowhere

After replenishing our thirst with lemonade, we started towards the peak battling with the thorny bushes. The last leg of the trek is mostly uphill and the towering trees bid us goodbye.

Battling the bushes
Towards the peak


The views were beginning to show as we slowly moved towards the peak. The sky was clearer and bluer than ever. The flourishing green mountains seemed to have blended with the sky and the whole view was soothing to the eyes. Even with the sun at its peak, the views had a calming effect on the psyche.

Tranquilizing views ❤


The climb to the peak lasted for an hour and half and I found myself lying down on the dry grass in the hot sun and staring at the sky happily. After having my face tanned effectively, I got up to glance at the views.I love to gaze at the views from the mountain top and think about random things and people.This time an overwhelming feeling dominated – last view of 2016!!! 

Blue everywhere
Last view of 2016!!!

Simple lunch with the enjoyable company provided the much-needed energy and got rid of the year end nostalgia that had hit me and all of us geared up for the adventurous descent ahead. The descent was steep and was the entertaining part as few of us got lost and it took more time than excepted to reach down.

This blog is incomplete without the mention of my mad+adventurous duo without whom the trek would not be exciting or comfortable. I still remember the Kudremukh trek when these guys started out new and they have come a long way.If you’re wondering where and how to trek,click the link below to like the page and keep yourself updated on the upcoming treks.

For some madness and adventure LIKE Madventures.

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